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The Mental Health Lab provides education and information services about Mental Health from our virtual laboratory – crowdsourcing the research, data, case studies, and proof of what projects are working to support positive mental health.

Learn about mental health or explore the latest thinking about thinking with the Mental Health Lab. Find out what mental health projects work and understand how we can improve together.

Join us; a community of curious people bringing our heads together to understand our minds.

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The Mental Health Lab is a space for collecting, collating, and communicating the latest evidence-based and peer-reviewed thinking around mental health and well-being in an accessible way.

We aim to bring together a balance of information, theory, and project ideas to help us collectively push forward popular thinking around mental well-being and to break down the barriers and stigma to openly discussing mental health as a society.

There are hundreds and thousands of academics, students, companies, charities, and social enterprises who are tirelessly working to support people facing mental health problems to ensure that no person has to face a mental health challenge alone.

We want to bring that knowledge outside of individual organisations and to share it, explore it, evidence it, build upon it, and advance it for the good of us all.

The Mental Health Lab is here for everyone; if you are at the start of your journey then you may want to start exploring what mental health diagnoses can be. If you are an academic and have a mental health project that you have studied and would like to share the results, then please get in touch via Twitter @nestandgrowcic. If you are a fellow VCSE organisation and would like to collaborate, then please give us a call on 0330 321 30 50 or email:

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