Roam Research Mental Health Lab

Nest + Grow uses Roam Research to map out the Mental Health Lab; to collate and process the research we use to build the mental health articles for the Mental Health Lab and to build our own understanding of the world, our minds, and our mental health.

Roam Research Mental Health. Illustration of a schema

Roam Research is a fantastic online platform for recording, organising, and understanding information. Think of it as a notebook on steroids; a place where notes can be linked to each other in a non-hierarchical manner as if they were nodes within the brain itself.

We’ve also made our Mental Health Lab Roam-graph publically available for you to view and explore as an exercise in both building a shared knowledge-base and also allowing for peer review and community contribution (it’s read-only for now, but let us know if you would like to contribute).

View the Mental Health Lab graph on Roam Research.

The Roam Research Mental Health Lab graph started with a structure similar to the Mental Health Lab website but due to the nature of the bi-directional linking in Roam, we are able to build connections between pieces of information and observe connections that we never realised existed.

Now we have a multi-dimensional graph that allows us to see how one aspect of mental health links to another, and what other related paths we can take to explore context or identify gaps in our knowledge.

We are able to ‘tag’ nodes of information with hashtags, which in turn then create a page that shows us all of the intentional links to that tag that we have created in the database, along with all the unintentional times we have mentioned that word. This allows us to identify links that we hadn’t previously identified or to draw connections so that the pieces of knowledge aren’t existing in isolation.

If you are interested in building your own mental health database, you can start for free by using TiddlyWiki, or TiddlyRoam as an alternative to Roam – or you can sign up for a paid account with Roam Research and get started exploring your own knowledge universe.