Living with Mental Health

The Daily Mental Health Review

The idea of the daily mental health review is to take a few minutes every day to consider how you are feeling; to observe your mental health state and that’s it. Nothing more. You can then choose whether to do anything with the information you have observed.

The Daily Mental  Health Review illustration of a body and a thermometer

How often do we check in with our own mental health awareness? How often do we take a moment to assess our daily mental health and decide what the implications are for us, today?

A popular way to complete the daily mental health review is during a meditation session. You can find more information about meditation and mindfulness from the NHS website.

A person’s mental health can easily swing from good to not-so-good in the course of a week, a day, or even during a few hours. That’s why it’s important for us to be consciously aware of our own mental health status and what that means for us.

Some people find that taking a few minutes as soon as they wake up to check themselves over can be a really beneficial way to start the day; both to check their physical well-being and their mental well-being.

Starting at the top of the head and working down to the toes, they give themselves a full body scan to identify whether they have any aches and pains to be aware of and to help them be aware of their body and it’s connection to its environment in a mindful way.

Much in the same way, it’s useful for us to scan our mind to identify any areas of worry or concern, or to observe our mood; are we feeling excited, exhausted, or a state of calm or even nothingness.

Once we have observed our mental health status then we have the option to do something about it if we are feeling well enough, or to talk to someone if we need support – talking is still the main therapy recommended for mental health support.

Have a go at your own mental health daily review today and see if you can ask yourself honestly, how do you feel today?

If you would like more information about a specific challenge, you can check our A-Z of mental health challenges.

This article was last updated: 7 November 2020